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Didn’t know I could feel this good

I started seeing Dr. Tohtz in September. I initially came in because my neck had been bothering me, and thought I’d come in a few times, get readjusted, and be done. The initial patient info form was...a lot. But Dr Kris took one look at some of my symptoms and went into action. I took some tests, figured out some stomach issues, and she gave me recommendations on lifestyle changes and supplements. Eight months later I’m not 100%, but probably 90% better! Mood, energy, and pain gone. Thanks!

July 22,2018

Excellent first visit!

I was referred to Dr Kris to help turn my breech baby with specific techniques their office practices. The office is warm and inviting with easy street parking and I appreciated their friendly personalities. She spent a full hour with me during my first appt and I plan to return in hopes of finding success in turning my baby. I highly recommend Serenity Family Wellness!

Mar 24, 2018